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A Brilliant Solution

Bright Ideas for Smart Light

Intelligent Lighting Systems You Can Trust

Starfield Lighting Automation | Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Starfield designs and manufactures the Intelligent Room Integration Systems (IRIS) line of powerful yet elegantly simple commercial and residential lighting systems controls.  Founded in 1997, we produce the installer and user-friendly IRIS line of energy saving smart room lighting controls that scale from single rooms to entire campuses with the same four basic components.  Want to cut your lighting system installation cost in half?  Want 70% lighting energy savings month after month?  Contact us today!

What Makes Us Different:

  • 25%-50% lower installation materials and labor costs
  • 30%-50% lower building lighting system energy consumption
  • 30%-50% lower carbon footprint
  • 30%-50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 30%-50% increase in occupant productivity and comfort
  • 30%-50% reduction in occupant related illnesses and injuries
  • 50% increase in lighting systems durability and flexibility
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