Case study of a common room with open kitchen, daylighitng, and full energy measures is controlled using an IRIS integrated room controller.

Plan View and Wiring Schematic

Sequence of Operation

  • The area consists of a community room with general seating area and open kitchen.
  • Energy measures are manual on at 50%, auto-off for entire room, and daylight responsive controls for zones adjacent to windows. Both the community room and kitchen have independent manual on/off controls and dimmable subzones.
  • Daylight responsive zones d,e operate continuously and independently, allow manual dimming, and reset their setpoints each time a dimming adjustment is detected.
  • Kitchen controls A2 located at the front entrance and in the kitchen provide on/off control or the whole kitchen and R/L adjustment of the room and island light subzones.
  • Community room controls are located at the front and rear entrances. The S4 controls for zone b provides on/off and proportional dimming for the whole room while the A4 controls provide R/L adjustment of all four subzones.
  • Scene controls, not provided, could be added and up to four scenes set with the manual controls and captured at the IRIS control panel.