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Intelligent Room Integration System

IRIS™ Trademarked and copyrighted image of Starfield’s patented natural logic lighting controls

IRIS is smart, full-featured, operates right out of the box, seamlessly scales from single rooms to whole buildings, and know her way around all the right energy codes.

"Lighting control will never be the same again!"

LightWorld 202 Award Presentation


  • 25%-50% lower installation materials and labor costs
  • 30%-50% lower building lighting system energy consumption
  • 30%-50% lower carbon footprint
  • 30%-50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 30%-50% increase in occupant productivity and comfort
  • 30%-50% reduction in occupant related illnesses and injuries
  • 50% increase in lighting systems durability and flexibility
  • Carry on with the rest of the list
  • Networking—Individual rooms can be networked into full-building management and control systems.
  • Scalable—Scales from small offices to large assembly halls with up to 32 sensors and 64 control zones per room.
  • Ultra-Efficient—71% proven energy savings in occupied space.
  • Dimming—Supports 0-10v, DALI, and bi-level.
  • Resilient—Occupancy sensors can be added, removed, or fail without affecting operation.
  • Panel Access—Control panel mounts inside a standard NEMA 11B electrical box in either finish or plenum space.
  • Daylighting—Independent, close-loop daylighting zones meets IECC C405.2.3.1 (6) requirement for rooms with multiple cardinal exposures.
  • Occupancy Sensors - High resolution, dual-tech, rectangular coverage sensors mount on ceilings or light fixtures.
  • Energy Codes - Meets or exceeds all energy codes including IECC 2015, ASRAE 90.1, CA Title 24, WSEC.
  • Installation—2-wire, non-polarized, free-topology communication bus can be run free on inside power conduits with standard wire and connectors.
  • Startup —Out-of-the-box operation for testing and temporary construction lighting.
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