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Innovative Light Control Systems and Sensors

LS230 DALI Network Sensor


Support Dali and 0-10 fixtures for smart occupancy and user adaptive lighting.  Options for PIR motion sensing, Passive Dual Technology, Daylighting, Plug-load and HVAC control, DALI Relay Driver, and Temperature Measurement. Compact, high performance, and mounts on ceilings or light fixtures, LS230 - Datasheet

TR218 DALI Networked Programmable User Controls


Programmable multi-station user control with several button options and functions including on/off, dimming, partial-on, and scenes. TR218 Datasheet

RT03 DALI Dual Channel Network Power Supply and Ethernet Gateway


The RT03 bridges the gap between the high-speed but fragile world of Ethernet and the noisy, rough and tumble world of device-level networks. She has two full power DALI network buses, mounts on a standard NEMA 11B electrical box, and operates independently or as part of a whole-building network. RT03 Datasheet

TR688 Integrated Room Control Panel

688 1.4.8 Green

The TR688 is the foundation of the IRIS integrated room control system. Each room has one TR688 room control panel to which sensors, user controls, and accessory equipment are added to create full-function, room-level control systems with optional whole-building networking. TR688 Datasheet

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